Tsunka Waste' NAP NJC CGC

Brags: Waste' tested and got her CGC during our trip to Amarillo, Texas! A big thank you to the Amarillo Obedience Club for their big Texas hospitality!!


end of August goings on...

it's been a busy August! shift change from 5 to 4 day weeks... i have my weekends back! i applied to work from home, didn't hear so applied for an IT position, got offered work from home, interviewed for IT position, decided I'd rather work from home, but now still waiting for the 'home visit' and office set up for home... nothing ever move fast in corporate america! nothing is set in stone yet.

Waste' got booted out of class. she was a bad girl and tried to 'herd' teddy. not pretty. so we've been working with Lynne Sherry 1on1... Lynne is FANTASTIC! I am always learning something new from her. Waste' is fab. she does EVERYTHING i ask her to... even if it's wrong... yep, that's called handler error!!

Dan is, as always, the most amazing man ever.

I have been diagnosed as diabetic, but trying to handle with diet alone... have given up all white carbs... taters, rice, pasta. clothes are even beginning to feel looser.

so, that's all fer now. ciao!



I tried to copy and paste some info from FB into my post here and all I got was a big open nothing of a space. argh.

I Promise!

I will return to posting here... even if it is just a copy of my facebook status... I wish there was a way that FB would auto post my status to here... and keep it as a post... ah well.
here is a sample of some recent relevant posts...

pruned, trimmed, placed hoses, broke sprinkler, fought w/hoses, fittings and sprinklers, fertilized, did laundry, dishes, ordered pizza & wings, watched Young Victoria...

Oh how I luv sleeping in!!! Dan has made coffee and CBS Sunday Morning is on the dvr.
Now I'll put some bacon on the GF grill, cook up some eggs & taters, then start the day

I have a very good furbaby!!

garden is planted including, but not limited to musk melons, maters -cherry & large-, bell peppers, jalapenos, greens, spinach, lettuce, flowers, cilantro, dill, rosemary, lavender, basil... chicken stirfry w/rice noodles for dinner... now a shower and bed... i'm pooped.

Older that those... my Mom passed away the Sunday after Thanksgiving. She is with my Dad now and much happier I am sure. We had a wonderful memorial ceremony in April when their ashes were interred at Jacksonville National Cemetery.

I'm working a new shift... Tuesday thru Saturday, 6am - 3pm. mostly liking this, altho this puts a glitch in reenactments and agility trials.

Speaking of agility. We have resumed! Waste' LOVES the new rubberized contacts! she will now actually run down the backside of the A-frame.

Dan is still the main man in my life... he always makes me feel so lucky. :)

Now, we need to be lucky enuf to win the lottery!!!


First ever 'away' agiltiy trial

What a great weekend! We won 2 first places, got our second novice preferred title and an open 'Q'! Will post some photo's too.


2nd Agillity Trial

2 more Q's and our first Title! NPStd
She was fabulous and I am so proud of her... and me for not going off course!
I'm posting videos tonight - you can see them on my You Tube page... including a rare moment of her sleeping, bellyup on the couch.


3 Ribbons!

We made it through our first Agility Trial!

You know, I haven't been posting lately because she has become so gooooood, that was all I had to say... not much material! The bad things are so entertaining! But so are the exceptional things...

Yep, we did Novice preferred jumpers with weaves and Novice preferred standard on both Saturday and Sunday. She was amazing.

We got an off-course early on the first run - just an overrun to the wrong jump, but finished the rest with no faults and under time.

Our second run brought us our first ribbon ever... 2nd place with just 5 faults.

Sunday we had 2 runs and 2 first place ribbons including one course @ 23 seconds.

I couldn't ask for more!!

I hope to get some video up soon... Dan came with me as moral support, puppy sitting and videographer. He is so good to me. :)

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